Get OZcoinGold

Buy OZcoinGold in one of three easy ways so you can benefit from all the advantages a cryptocurrency offers, combined with the value and security of gold.

First register your Free Wallet.
How to open a OzGLD wallet

  1. You can buy OzGLD through your bank with wire transfer or you can also
  2. Buy OzGLD from your Wallet with Ether.

1. Buy OZcoinGold Through Your Bank With Wire Transfer

Sorry this option is temporarily unavailable. It will be up and running again soon. Thank you for your patience.  

2. Buy OZcoinGold With Ether

You can buy OzGLD directly from your OzGLD wallet with Ether. Follow these steps to buy OzGLD with Ether.

  1. Open your Free Wallet
  2. Transfer the required amount of Ether to your wallet.
  3. Open your OzGLD wallet and click on the shopping cart icon in the OZC card and enter the requested information.

3. Buy OZcoinGold From An Exchange

Similar to any other currency you can buy your OZcoinGold from an exchange with almost any other crypto-currency or the money in your exchange account.

This option will be available soon.